Music resources

Music resources

While we are physically apart, it'd be really easy for us to stop singing. But God is still worthy of our praise and we should still be looking for ways for us to sing to Him. Here are some ideas to help you on your way:

1. Our friends at St Clement's are hosting a week-day morning Live Family Worship from 8.30-9am on Facebook. Find them here and follow them for daily videos to sing along with (and even join in some actions!) and start your day well.

2. Why not use the extra time at home to learn some great theology off by heart? The New City Catechism have put all their questions and answers to music that is catchy and will have you singing important truths throughout the day. Search 'New City Catechism' on YouTube or Spotify.

3. There's some great playlists out there to help you sing through this time. Here are two of our favourites:
Upbeat songs of praise for the whole family (compiled by the Gospel Coalition)
Songs of comfort (compiled by St Clement's, Manchester)

Let us know if you find any other great resources that would be good to share with the whole church family. 

Happy singing!!